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Handmade Modern Pendant Lighting is a Labor of Love at Niche

Written by Jessica | 9/5/16 2:30 PM


Labor Day is all about appreciating the American labor force and recognizing the strength, prosperity and growth that American workers have contributed to our country. Niche takes pride in our hard work and handmade modern pendant lighting.



Our hotshop team is an intimate group of seasoned glass-blowers who take great care in making a high-quality handmade product. Each pendant is tediously crafted to come as close to perfect as humanly possible.



After our glass anneals overnight, our coldworking team cuts, drills, grinds and polishes each pendant to ensure a sleek hand-finish and consistent measurements. Pendants are hand-chosen for each order to properly match color and density.

Perseverence, high detail and patience go into each handmade modern pendant across all of our departments. Team Niche is committed to our products that are made, not manufactured with only the highest of standards.