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Green Glass Pendant Lights Are Perfect for St. Patrick's Day

Written by Samantha | 3/17/17 7:46 PM

Happy St. Patrick's Day! While we don't have a pot of gold, we do have several shades of green glass to satisfy all of your holiday traditions. Here are five green glass pendant lights from Niche's Helio Series



1. Smoke Colored Glass

Our signature Smoke glass emits a subdued, olive-colored glow, perfect for both warm and cool interiors.

2. Chartreuse Colored Glass

Our Chartreuse glass brightens any environment with its yellow-green tint.


3. Mint Colored Glass

The Helio pendant light in our Mint glass will have you feeling refined and refreshed! 

4. Kiwi Colored Glass

Our Kiwi colored glass is a vivid, luscious green and will certainly take you on a tropical twist!

5. Jade Colored Glass

The Helio pendant in Jade glass is as gorgeous as its gemstone namesake. 


You can view all of our Helio pendants and green glass now!