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Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Niche's Accounting Assistant Julieanne

Written by Samantha | 11/30/16 9:28 PM

Meet Julieanne, the Accounting Assistant at Niche. Our favorite quality about her? She is incredibly generous and always willing to help her fellow coworkers with whatever they need. Plus, she bakes the best desserts we have ever tasted! Keep reading Julieanne's employee spotlight to learn more about her role at Niche and what she enjoys doing in her spare time!

1. What is your role at Niche and what does your day to day routine consist of?

As this is a small company, I wear multiple hats here. I am the executive assistant to the owner, I handle most of the purchasing for the company, and I do quite a bit of accounts payable work. So on a daily basis, I work to make sure bills are paid and recorded, supplies are purchased and delivered on time, and I try to keep my boss’ schedule on track.

2. What do you feel is the most important quality as a business in the design world?

I have a degree in Visual Arts so from a design standpoint, the beauty of the products are important to me. But from a business standpoint in general, I think integrity is the most important quality. To be able to produce and deliver a quality product made by a dedicated team of professionals who truly care about what they do is something special.


3. What is your favorite Niche pendant shape and color combination? Why?

I feel like that changes all the time, so I really can’t quite pick a favorite. I do really like the Effervescent glass because of the beautiful bubbles, so I would have to say any shape in that glass appeals to me.

4. What’s your favorite spot in Beacon or the Hudson Valley? Why?

I have lived in the Hudson Valley my entire life so I think it would be hard to pick a favorite spot. My favorite season is fall because of the beauty the Valley provides with the surrounding mountains, so any spot that has a view of those mountains in the fall is a place that makes me happy.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am a huge movie fan especially when it comes to 3D movies, so I spend some of my free time going to the movies. I even own a 3D TV and I currently own over 50 3D movies. I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews, too (often taking them to the movies!). I also love to cook and bake, and I enjoy doing several crafts including crocheting, cake decorating and paper crafts.