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Discover Niche's Ellipse Modern Pendant

Written by Samantha | 10/26/16 7:53 PM


Heading home, we carry light with us to guide the way. And light is there to greet us when we arrive. Welcoming us, enveloping us. A kind of twinkle in the eye of someone who's been waiting, someone who recognizes: you are exactly where you belong. Stepping out of darkness into a gently lit room can feel like an embrace. Click here to explore the story and see how Niche modern pendants have the power to lead us along our journey. 



Over the past 13 years, our work has been integrated into thousands of rooms all over the world. Now, it’s our greatest pleasure to share the latest addition to our line: the Ellipse Series. In Grand and Petite sizes with a mixture of bulb and color options, the Ellipse modern pendant brings simplicity and elegance to any environment.