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Behind the Scenes with the Mollusk Series

Written by Jessica | 10/7/16 12:56 PM


Niche has been nominated (again) in Interior Design's Best of Year Awards. Last year, Niche's Pack 9 won for Best Chandelier. This year, Niche is introducing the new Mollusk Series in the Best Pendant category. Be sure to vote and support our newest design.


The Making of the Mollusk Series



Our skilled Hotshop team begins by pulling long tubes of Opaline or Crystal glass. The tubes are segmented in the Coldshop and melted into clusters to later be attached to the main pendant.



The Hotshop team creates a wide or tall silhouette and hand-finishes the pendant's opening.



Barnacle-like clusters are attached to the pendant in dynamic compositions.



Remember to support Niche's handmade pendant lighting in this year's Best of Year Awards by voting for the Mollusk Series.