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Are Pendant Light Cord Sets Available in Different Lengths?

Written by Katie | 2/17/16 4:33 PM




4' Black Cord Set 12' Black Cord Set 24' Black Cord Set



Every Niche pendant light comes equipped with our standard 4' black cord set. Not enough for you? That's no problem for us! 12' and 24' black cord sets are also available at an additional cost.



4' Silver Cord Set 12' Silver Cord Set 24' Silver Cord Set



Looking for a little more pizzazz for your pendant light? Try a custom silver cord set in 4', 12' or 24' lengths for a refined and sophisticated display.


All Niche cord sets can be cut on site to your desired length. Not sure how much you need? Click here to view this guide on how high or low to hang your pendant lights. And as always, you can contact our sales team if you need assistance!