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4 Made in the USA Brands to Celebrate This July 4th

Written by Katie | 7/4/16 2:00 PM

1. FireClay Tile


Based in California, Fireclay Tile makes all of their ceramic tiles by hand - cutting, shaping, glazing, and for some of their styles, hand-painting. All of their tiles are eco-friendly and sustainable, containing 60% recycled materials. We discovered them when we found a kitchen project that had both our modern pendant lighting and their Paseo tile in White Gloss. It's great to see made in the USA brands come together in one interior!  


2. Frye


The Frye Company's fine leather boots first hit the ground in 1863, the same year Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg address. We have to agree with Frye that you can't get any more American-made than that. Their recognition as one of the most iconic footwear brands has endured the test of time because of the signature craftsmanship and quality in every stitch. 



3. Filson


Filson makes outdoor clothing, gear, and bags for both men and women. The company dates back to 1897 when founder Clinton Filson set-up shop in Seattle, Washington for pioneers seeking fortune in the Great Klondike Gold Rush in northwest Canada. Filson designed his goods for the rugged conditions that many of these pioneers faced as they traveled towards the frigid north. Using the best materials and quality workmanship, Filson's outdoor goods still work today because comfort, protection, and durability never go out of style.


4. Flavor Paper


Brooklyn New York's Flavor Paper produces wallpaper by hand screened and digital printing, sometimes both for special projects. The company uses water-based inks, latex or eco-solvent in order to be as eco-friendly as possible. All of Flavor Paper's wallpapers are made to order which also follows the eco-friendly movement by not creating waste. Customers are free to interchange colors and grounds with the handscreened papers and scale and colors for digital papers. Flavor Paper wants their customers to get exactly what they want, and by making their wallpapers in New York, they have the utmost control over design and quality.