sometimes, adventure falls right into your lap.
sometimes, you have to go out and find it.

Is there anything as comforting as finding a sliver of light in the darkness? Filaments twitching, turning on their magic. Like twigs rubbing elbows, creating a spark, creating a flame. A way to find our way. We drift to the dock and climb out. Barefoot in the cool air. Dangling at the edge of the blue/black water. Reflections of the moon and our lantern light stretch out, wobble, distort across the surface. Like faces with mouths that open and close and share secrets with us. We are the only things glowing on this dark evening: the moon and this light we hold between us.

Pinch Pendant Photo - Chapter 2

On the edge of the dock, at the edge of the water, at the edge of this moment... staring down at our own reflections. We are shining from a tender glow of the light we hold between us. This is how light moves through moments - as a storyteller, a revealer. A trickster. Good lighting knows how to seduce. How to hold our favorite moments which become our most treasured memories. This is the business we're in at Niche: handcrafting the perfect lighting of moments and memories, one gather at a time, one breath at a time, one round at a time of pulling in and out of the heat. Expanded, shaped, trimmed, pinched, refined, warmed, cooled, drilled, polished, outfitted, wrapped, packed, sent - from us to you, with so much intention, fuss, love and care therein.

The Pinch Series Line Drawing


Playful and refined at the same time, the Pinch Series is offered in a variety of colors and brings personality and charm to any interior. Corseted in the center, generously curved from top to bottom, these unique pendants are handmade, as always, with reverence for detail and quality so you can sit back, relax and live more beautifully in the context of great modern lighting.