Volume I

Chasing Light

Chapter Two

Chapter Two - The Ellipse Modern Pendant Light

Chasing light, like lit up tails of fireflies through a grove of Linden trees. There is magic here. We are seekers of it. Entranced by the glow, we follow. The best moments are the illuminated kind, warm and gently revealing. Drawing us in, compelling us - but never breaking the spell. 

Chapter Two - The Ellipse Modern Pendant Light
Ellipse Modern Pendant Light Series

The Ellipse Series

The Niche Ellipse modern pendant lights, handcrafted in New York in translucent and milky hues, are captivating in any environment. Available in Petite and Grand proportions with adjustable cord sets and a myriad of bulb choices: all the ingredients you need to spark a little magic in the rooms of your life.

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