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Brothers Justin and Tyler Sachs are the owners/operatiors of Stonington Cabinetry & Designs based in Madison, New Jersey. They say that they "design, order and install custom cabinetry" however, it is much more than that. Justin and Tyler are the essential tradesmen turned designers, having worked with their father in his renovation business for so long leading up to their cabinetry venture. "We see design from the inside out," Justin says. Read on to learn more about the small business from Justin.





We’re so impressed that you draw all of your cabinet designs by hand! Why this approach with all of today’s technology available?


It's all in the hands. My brother and I built so many cabinets before we began to design them. I learned to draw from my Dad, and I guess my brother is learning a few bits from me. At the end of the day the reasons I prefer to do it by hand are endless. It's our signature, basically. I also feel like it's our passion. Plus, who wants to stare at a computer screen for hours, anyways? 





Justin King of Rexhill Furniture in the workshop



opaque glass modern pendant lighting with modern stools





Describe the challenges and rewards of being a small business.


It's a prolific experience owning/operating a small business. I had a woodworking company between this business and working for my Dad's business. This is when I first married my wife. I was so happy because I was marrying my dream girl and buying a home with her. But I was so worried if I'd be able to help support us and our hopeful family. Being in business for yourself, no matter how small, is a hustle. It's an awesome experience. I'm very grateful.



What is your favorite cabinet project you have designed?


I love everyone of my projects equally. I love when our clients wear an unflappable smile in the end.





handmade furniture in progress




Jax Table designed by Rexhill Furniture 


We know you have Niche's Aurora pendant light in your showroom. Do you have another favorite Niche pendant light and color combination?


I like it all, of course. Hard to pick a favorite. Depends on the space. I love the plethora of shapes and colors. Clusters, all of it. I appreciate what Niche is able to do. It's very cool.





Describe your design philosophy in one sentence.


Design your way to eternal happiness.








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