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Table Pendant Lighting Provides a Minimalist Feel to an Eclectic Interior

Written by Katie | 6/30/16 6:54 PM

Designer Allen Saunders and his design team create sophisticated residential interiors with a unique attention to detail. A fusion of cutting-edge design, functionality and individual style is the formula for success in Saunder's approach to creating striking living environments.

As seen in the firm's project, Addison Reserve, there's no limit to bold angles and colors. The bright green accent color presents itself in furniture, vessels, paintings and house plants. Paired with the lush green landscape as seen outside through patio doors, a certain serenity materializes inside the home. 


Choosing table pendant lighting doesn't have to be hard, you can just use the one-and-done method!  A pendant light that complements the size and shape of your table, without overwhelming it, is a good rule to follow. Niche's largest pendant light, the Terra, complements the round Saarinen table perfectly. The Crystal glass is a minimalist solution that does not overpower the table's size and shape or the interior's eclectic green accents.




The home's bathroom strays away from the bright green furnishings, but continues the neutral base colors from the living room and dining area. Another Niche sighting is made where two Bella modern pendant lights, also in Crystal glass, hang on either side of the bathroom vanity creating a balanced glow beside the mirror.