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Provide Lifestyle Store Displays Niche Pendant Lights in New Location

Written by Katie | 1/29/16 9:07 PM

Vancouver's highly curated lifestyle store, Provide, stepped into a new location for the new year. Provide searches far and wide for lifestyle décor crafted with perfection – ceramics, glass, wood, metal and textiles. It's no surprise they selected Niche Solitaire pendant lights and Pharos pendant lights to adorn the interior of their new shop!

Multiple groupings of Solitaire pendants in Amber, Crystal, and Gray glass hang down the center of the store, creating an inviting space for customers to shop. The luxurious colors of our hand-blown glass complements the clean and neutral aesthetic in Provide, adding just the right amount of color to the otherwise white interior. Crystal Solitaire pendants also hang above the cashwrap, helping to tie the space's design together. Our Pharos pendant in Gray glass hangs above one of the many stunning displays of artisnal products.


"We love the handmade quality of Niche lighting. It has a relaxed but sophisticated look," store owner David Keeler says. "We chose to primarily use the Solitaire in a variety of semi-neutral colors as we wanted the space to have decorative lighting that complemented our environment. The addition of the lighting brings a subtle touch of style to our overall space. We continually have people enter our showroom and compliment us on out lighting — it's timeless." Visit their gorgeous new location at 1805 Fir Street, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Photos by Tanya Goehring