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Breakfast Nook Modern Lighting Inside A Modern Manhattan Home

Written by Katie | 8/16/16 7:35 PM


The cozy, little breakfast nook is becoming all the rage inside modern kitchens. Often accompanied by cushioned bench seating, warm sunny windows, and a welcoming table, a breakfast nook is the perfect place to start your morning routine. Lauren Rubin Architecture used our Crystal Solitaire modern lights with a Linear-2 canopy to achieve this breakfast nook's sleek and minimal design. Our lighting canopies offer the opportunity to mix and match pendant shapes, colors, and cord lengths. With that in mind, just imagine the possibilities for your own breakfast nook modern lighting. 





Overall, Rubin's approach to architecture and design is beautiful, simple modernism. There's nothing over the top about this Manhattan aparment. The kitchen and bathroom feature a palette of black, white, and gray, with a gorgeous hardwood floor that that creates a warm balance with the interior's neutral colors.