modern lighting videos

Watch our modern lighting videos to learn about our products and our process. The art of glass-blowing is beautiful and mesmerizing - we bet you can't watch just one!


Fall Factory Sale 2017

Take 50-80% off factory samples & seconds at our Semi-Annual Factory Sale. Located in Beacon, NY during the Spring and Fall seasons, the sale features all your favorite Niche handmade modern pendant lights at a deep discount. While you're visiting, you can watch our team of experienced glass artisans create signature Niche pendants.


The Pod Modern Pendant

It is our pleasure to reintroduce one of Niche's very first designs - the Pod modern pendant light, now available in two new luxurious glass colors. Read the lighting story to see how the Pod pendant inspires an incredible journey.

Spring Factory Sale 2017

Take 50-80% off factory samples & seconds at our Semi-Annual Factory Sale. Located in Beacon, NY during the Spring and Fall seasons, the sale features all your favorite Niche handmade modern pendant lights at a deep discount. While you're visiting, you can watch our team of experienced glass artisans create signature Niche pendants.

Happy Holidays 2016

Niche handmade glass pendants radiate the joy of the holidays, shimmering like a star atop the perfect pine tree. Our timeless and original designs create a stunning backdrop for the season, with luxurious silhouettes and luminous bulbs shining in beautiful clusters. For over a decade, our modern lighting products have adorned thousands of rooms all over the world, illuminating interiors with a glow as warm and as magical as the first snowfall of winter. Raise a glass and toast to the winter holidays with Niche.

Handmade Pendant Lighting at the Fall Factory Sale 2016 

Niche has been creating luxurious glass lighting for over a decade for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects all over the world. Made, not manufactured. That’s the mantra behind Niche. We are proud that 100% of our design process and glass-blowing happens in our New York factory, where every detail is carefully thought out and controlled so we can bring beautiful lighting to everyone across the globe, no matter what your voltage requirements are. Our commitment to quality is apparent in every signature Niche glass piece. When you purchase a Niche product, you are investing in quality, integrity and great design. Join us every Spring and Fall to save 50-80% on factory samples and seconds.

See the Pinch Series in a Whole new Light

Playful and refined at the same time, the Pinch Series is offered in a variety of colors and brings personality and charm to any interior. Corseted in the center, generously curved from top to bottom, the Pinch is offered in two color families, the Pinch Prisma Series, featuring Niche's translucent signature glass colors, and the Pinch Chroma Series, featuring vivid and opaque hues. Embark on a journey with young adventurers as they are guided by the warm glow of the Pinch modern pendant light. Begin the Pinch Series Lighting Story.

Meet the Pinch Modern Lighting Collection

The Pinch Collection is a perfect example of modern lighting. Hand-blown in New York, the reflective shape of the Pinch modern pendant light creates a sense of symmetry and balance, adding beauty to every environment. Available in a variety of lamping options and colors, Niche’s luxurious modern lighting collection just got a lot brighter!

See the Ellipse Series in a Whole New Light

A voluptuous play on the sphere, The Ellipse Series is one of the more commonly found shapes in the lighting market. Elongated, generous and organically formed for a substantial and undeniably sexy look in any interior. Offered in Ellipse Grand and Ellipse Petite, the pendants look stunning when clustered and cascaded together. Discover the warm glow of the Ellipse Series in an unexpected location. Begin the Ellipse Series Lighting Story.

Introducing the Ellipse Modern Lighting Series

The Ellipse modern pendant collection embraces the harmony of a circle, which is reminiscent of the trajectory of a satellite orbiting around another celestial body. The Ellipse collection is simple, elegant and available in Niche’s luxurious glass colors. Try a cluster of 3 or more for an impactful display of modern lighting. Lamping options range from the timeless warmth of incandescent bulbs to the energy savings of new nostalgic style LED bulbs.

Celebrating 12 Years of Handmade Modern Lighting

2016 marks Niche’s 12th Anniversary of bringing New York made, modern lighting to life. We celebrated the occasion by documenting the life cycle of our Helio modern light. Every handmade product has a story. Here is ours.



Completely hand-blown, the Pointelle modern lighting collection features a gently hand-pulled tip to create a perfect raindrop shape. With two sizes to choose from, Grand and Petite, the Pointelle looks best when clustered together creating a stunning arrangement of large and small pendants. Pointelle is available in our signature transparent glass as well as new textured glass styles, Torrent and Optique.

Say hello to the helio Modern Lighting series

The Helio pendant originates from Niche’s taller and more slender Pharos pendant light and is designed for versatility. It is compatible with both 120v and 240v electrical settings and ready for use with an array of different lamping options, including incandescent, LED and compact fluorescent bulbs. The delightfully compact shape of the Helio works well when grouped together using a Niche Pack Canopy. Like all Niche modern lighting, the Helio is handmade in New York with love by a team of talented glass artisans.


“Finessed but never fussy.” Niche’s approach to design embraces simplicity and elegance in every single execution of glass.



Our state of the art glass studio ensures that we deliver the most beautiful and highest quality glass to our clients. Imposters need not apply. We’ve accomplished a lot over the past 10 years and continue to hand-make our modern lighting in New York!

INTRODUCING THE COOLHAUS Pendant from the Haus Modern Lighting Series

Iconic and bold, our Coolhaus pendant takes clean, sharp lines to new heights in modern lighting. Try not to get mesmerized by the process, we dare you!

INTRODUCING THE SCHOOLHAUS Pendant from the Haus Modern Lighting Series

Our take on this traditional lamp rejuvenates the halls with crisp, bright color. The transformation from the viscous nature of molten glass into a smooth, glossy light fixture is truly hypnotic.


For the first time in almost a decade, we unveiled a brand new collection of modern lighting that is resonating with the design community. The Crystalline Series allows for mixing and matching with delightful shapes and colors that complement one another seamlessly. It’s no wonder this series was nominated for Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Finalists.

NICHE Expands from Modern Lighting to Modern Candle Votives

Small, cheerful and fun, Niche’s team gets hard at work on our littlest addition to the family.

Niche Expands from Modern Lighting with the Hurricane Collection

We know life is not perfect, so what happens at Niche when we experience this inevitable reality? Watch the video and see for yourself!