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Operations Manager 

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Smart entrepreneurs know that hiring for attitude is more important than hiring for skill set. At Niche, company culture is very important to us, so in our search for an Operations Manager we are looking for the right fit for our tight-knit group and a super positive attitude above all else. We are not your typical office; manufacturing modern hand-blown glass lighting for our internationally acclaimed brand in-house in Beacon NY, one of the hottest, artistically rooted towns along the Hudson River Valley and just 90 min north of Manhattan. Our administrative offices are in the same 100-year-old factory building as our glass studio and we work closely, throughout the company, as a team to develop, produce, market, sell and ship our handmade work daily.

  • You are an independent, hyper-organized person who greets challenges with genuine optimism and understands that clear communication with co-workers and customers is the most important aspect of your job.
  • You are a natural problem solver; able to think critically and strategically.
  • You are comfortable leading a team, holding others accountable and taking ownership of your objectives.
  • You know how to think like a ninja event planner; overseeing important internal company events, trade shows and marketing campaigns on the calendar and working with different departments to coordinate effectively and successfully.
  • You would never send an email without checking it over for typos or faux pas.
  • You answer the phone with pride, professionalism, warmth and clarity.
  • You represent the Niche brand at annual trade shows with the same spirit of positivity and professionalism.
  • You work closely with the Niche Marketing Manager and the team; understanding the deep, symbiotic relationship between Sales and Marketing within any successful company
    You understand and are not intimidated by aspects of business like analyzing product margins, determining industry discounts, analyzing COGS with the finance team, standard sales processes, general reporting and sales forecasting.
  • You understand the basics of online and print advertising and are comfortable overseeing advertising campaigns with input from our Marketing Manager and an external public relations team.
  • You have experience with programs like Salesforce and other cloud based systems.
  • You have previous leadership experience with a successful Sales Office and can help us transform ours from a more reactive/customer service based department to a proactive, organized and driven sales team.
  • You are patient about the fact that your boss is a hurricane and not always as available as you would like and sometimes even a bottleneck in need of gentle (or not so gentle) nudging.
  • You are keeping the ball moving down the field and know how to navigate the hurdles which will inevitably get in your way.


This is not an easy job. But it is rewarding because we are a company making beautiful, meaningful products in an inspired, creative environment and the progress of your hard work will be evident to you and to the rest of the team you work closely with on a day by day basis. It's satisfying to be part of a story that matters and to work for a company with an amazing, appreciative customer base. If what you've read here resonates please fill out the form below and upload your resume.




Founded in 2003, Niche has built a global reputation on a local scale. Our glass lighting products are installed all over the world in restaurants, hotels, and private residences. Our glass studio and office are housed in a gorgeously renovated 20,000 square foot, 100-year-old foundry building located in Beacon, NY. It’s a beautiful environment with a great group of people. Heart is at the center of everything we do. At Niche, company culture is very important to us and we value hard-work, honesty and loyalty. We have a small, dedicated team working together every day to produce our beautiful handmade products. We are proud that every aspect of the Niche brand is created in-house. Welcome to Niche. 

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Everything from design to production is accomplished under our own roof by a team of talented, creative and dedicated employees in Beacon, New York. We're always looking for new additions to our growing team. Learn more about our company here.

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There’s a reason The New York Times, Escape Brooklyn, NY Magazine, Dwell and other lifestyle trend-setters are calling Beacon one of the top Hudson Valley cities to live in… Are you curious to find out why?

Conveniently located in the heart of the Hudson Valley along the scenic Hudson River, Beacon is just 80 minutes from Grand Central on the Metro North Train line, a gorgeous and scenic ride. Offering all the attractions of New York City at your fingertips but with none of the daily grind of living in a metropolis. Beacon has a great community that is diverse and friendly, it’s a place that continues to attract artist and artisans as well as business professionals. Beacon is a cultural hot spot with great people and happenings.

Dia:Beaconwhich opened in 2003 as an extension of Dia:Chelsea, is a world class modern art museum home to an impressive collection of minimal artwork. All Niche employees have free admission to the museum, at any time, making it a fun lunch break excursion. Homespun Foods, one of Beacon’s most beloved restaurants, operates the café in the gift shop serving something for everyone.

Beacon’s Main Street is vibrant and alive with great shops and restaurants. There is an abundance of unique stores, ranging from vintage clothing to utensils to a used bookstore. Many of the restaurants have prestigious chefs with degrees from the Culinary Arts Institute located in nearby Hyde Park. Foodies should feel right at home, and whether you are gluten free or a glutton for gluten, there are several bakeries and eating options that are guaranteed to satisfy both your craving and dietary needs. Unlike some sleepy upstate towns, Beacon doesn’t shut down after the sun sets. Many of the bars and restaurants also host a number of touring musicians, and live music can be found almost any night of the week. Every 2nd Saturday Main Street is buzzing with people, art openings, tastings and other community events.

Niche isn’t the only artisan-based business in Beacon, our town is filled with talented Hudson Valley makers and entrepreneurs. There is a strong creative community in Beacon, and it’s growing every day. Niche is an amazing modern lighting company doing amazing things, the old fashioned way. Made, not manufactured, by hand with love in New York.