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The Pinch Series

Playful & Refined

The Pinch series

As the moon ushers in the night, two travelers drift through open water, its thin dark veneer lapping gently against their wooden haven. Just as darkness expands, our Pinch pendant fills their boat with the warmest glow, helping to navigate them back to land.

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The Ellipse Series

Elegant & Timeless

The Ellipse series

The Ellipse Series follows a pair of young adventurers on a journey through the woods. As the sky dims its golden light down into dusk, our Ellipse pendant serves as their lantern, illuminating the path ahead and guiding them back home.

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Made By Hand

Committed to Handmade

Modern Pendant Lighting

The beauty of Niche modern pendant lights is not only found in their design, but also in the process behind crafting each one. Every glass product is hand-blown and handled by a talented team of artisans, who strive to make each piece uniquely perfect with care and quality and love therein.

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